Shalini Noronha

The President

Shalini Noronha, Principal of Rosary Jr. College (Pune), successfully rescued and rehabilitated a two-day-old squirrel and a baby sparrow 35 years ago. With only her instincts to guide her then, little did she know that she would be leading an animal rescue organisation one day. Today, as president of Rehabber’s Den, she is happy to take charge of a selfless service that truly transcends all boundaries. Shalini is also a Co-opted Member of the Animal Welfare Board of India.

Shalini, who has been in the teaching profession for three decades, feels that real compassion stems from within when we reach out to the innocent and helpless. I would describe her as one of those rare empathic people who do not just match my kind of crazy, but will go out of their way to alleviate any being's suffering.

Thank you, Shalini. It is wonderful to have you both as a friend and on our team. I look forward to our journey together on Rehabber’s Den and making a difference to every life that comes our way!