Anushri Thakar


Anu’s a dear friend since our junior college days. Just as crazy as all of us, she too has been guilty of bringing home puppies and kittens since she was a little girl.

Her first-ever pet, Tuffy, was a rescued dog who had a mind of his own (as they all do!). One minute he would be wagging his tail and the next, you could be at the receiving end of his mood swings, with snarls, bared teeth and everything. Yet, very often, he had to be hand-fed by Anushri because he refused to eat any other way!

She’s one of those rare people whom I can count on for anything, be it hunting out caterpillars for me or driving all the way to my place with some wholesome grub for my baby birds.

Anushri has a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and runs her own NGO, TRIMITI Trust, primarily working for the reintegration of people with severe mental disorders. Owing to her work of many years, she takes a keen interest in those with schizophrenia and children with special needs.

Thanks Anu, for taking on this responsibility and keeping us on track with all the official nitty-gritties. It means the world to me that you’re here and always just a phone call away.