Varsha Belagavi


It’s not easy to find someone who not only understands your fascination for wildlife, but also joins (mostly willingly) in all your mini-adventures. Varsha, one of my oldest friends, has been that go-to person for me.

We have some bizarre memories together, like picking up snakes from snake charmers (while faking calls to authorities) and releasing them, bathing our first kitten that hissed like a tiger, and going for midnight walks with a baby squirrel nestled under my shirt. She was always there, by my side, even before this lifestyle became a definite career path.

For Varsha, animals are God’s perfect creations. Growing up in the countryside, she had an array of unusual pets. Her first one was an adorable little rabbit called Chandan. She even had a feisty cockerel/rooster called Chipu who would attack anyone while throwing a tantrum, but would sweetly perch on her brother’s books while he read.

Currently an EPM consultant with Infosys, Varsha is far away from all the action, but would be happy to help in every way she can. Glad to have you on board, buddy!