Meet The Team

Rehabber’s Den originated in 2011 out of an unstoppable passion to assist animals that often suffer the consequences of urban living. Today, in 2015, I am joined in my mission by very dear friends who have stood by my side rock solid for innumerous years. Each one of them brings unique skill sets and experiences to the organisation, strengthening the resolve and reinforcing our commitment to animal welfare. Together, we strive towards our common goal with unfettered zeal. Welcome aboard, Team!

Shalini Noronha

The President

Shalini Noronha - President, Rehabber's Den

Shalini Noronha, Principal of Rosary Jr. College (Pune), successfully rescued and rehabilitated a two-day-old squirrel and a baby sparrow 35 years ago. With only her instincts to guide her then, little did she know that she would be leading an animal rescue organisation one day. Today, as president of Rehabber’s Den, she is happy to take charge of a selfless service that truly transcends all boundaries. Shalini is also a Co-opted Member of the Animal Welfare Board of India.
Shalini, who has been in the teaching profession for three decades, feels that real compassion stems from within when we reach out to the innocent and helpless. I would describe her as one of those rare empathic people who do not just match my kind of crazy, but will go out of their way to alleviate any being's suffering.
Thank you, Shalini. It is wonderful to have you both as a friend and on our team. I look forward to our journey together on Rehabber’s Den and making a difference to every life that comes our way!
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Devna Arora

Executive Director

Devna Arora - Executive Director, Rehabber's Den

I believe I am one of the lucky few who have been surrounded by animals all their life, and have had the opportunity to develop this insatiable passion into a highly fulfilling career.
My very first ‘rescue’ was when I was four years old. A squirrel had gotten into my sister’s pigeon house and couldn’t find his way out. Little as we were, my sis put her hand in to get the lil' fellow out. The scared squirrel bit her and she ran in to get mum. Wanting to help, I too tried, got bitten and ran back crying. Luckily for the squirrel, I left the door open in my haste and he found his way out. ‘N this is how it all began…
My desire to make this world a better place for animals took me to Edinburgh in 2005 for an MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation. Since then I have travelled and worked with numerous species of animals – big ‘n small, but after dabbling in conservation and research, my heart has truly found its way back home to healing and wildlife rehabilitation. I am deeply interested in Evolutionary Adaptations, Niche Utilization and Wildlife Conservation, but most of all, in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. I specialise in the care and rehabilitation of small mammals and birds, hand-rearing in particular, and take absolute pleasure in helping people to do the same.
Through Rehabber’s Den, I sincerely hope to influence and enhance the rehabilitation potential and quality of life of many more animals that will be touched by human hands!
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Mob.: +91-9096661029

Anushri Thakar


Anushri Thakar - Treasurer, Rehabber's Den

Anu’s a dear friend since our junior college days. Just as crazy as all of us, she too has been guilty of bringing home puppies and kittens since she was a little girl.
Her first-ever pet, Tuffy, was a rescued dog who had a mind of his own (as they all do!). One minute he would be wagging his tail and the next, you could be at the receiving end of his mood swings, with snarls, bared teeth and everything. Yet, very often, he had to be hand-fed by Anushri because he refused to eat any other way!
She’s one of those rare people whom I can count on for anything, be it hunting out caterpillars for me or driving all the way to my place with some wholesome grub for my baby birds.
Anushri has a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and runs her own NGO, TRIMITI Trust, primarily working for the reintegration of people with severe mental disorders. Owing to her work of many years, she takes a keen interest in those with schizophrenia and children with special needs.
Thanks Anu, for taking on this responsibility and keeping us on track with all the official nitty-gritties. It means the world to me that you’re here and always just a phone call away.
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Mallika Rale

Trustee/Director of Content

Mallika Rale - Trustee, Rehabber's Den

Over the last decade and a half that I have known Mallika, I’m sure I have bored her to death with countless tales of every soul that has crossed my path. Mallika was the first person to not only encourage but also insist I pen down all my experiences. As a journalist, perhaps she knows it’s the most outlandish stories that make for interesting narratives! Thanks to her, I now have a detailed record of my journey as a rehabilitator and can relive all those precious moments at will.
For Mallika, it's always the animal that chooses its home. So, starting with a large family of stray dogs when she was 11 years old, to Murphy, her beloved pup who walked into their house on a cold night seven years ago, many furry beings have found a place in her home and her heart.
Mallika has worked with various newspapers as copy editor-feature writer, and will be overseeing the stories section of our website. To share your rescue/rehab experiences, please feel free to shoot her an email directly.
Honestly, Mallika, going back to our junior college days I would never have imagined that someday we would be here. Thank you ever so much for being a part of Rehabber’s Den.
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Varsha Belagavi


Varsha Belagavi - Trustee, Rehabber's Den

It’s not easy to find someone who not only understands your fascination for wildlife, but also joins (mostly willingly) in all your mini-adventures. Varsha, one of my oldest friends, has been that go-to person for me.
We have some bizarre memories together, like picking up snakes from snake charmers (while faking calls to authorities) and releasing them, bathing our first kitten that hissed like a tiger, and going for midnight walks with a baby squirrel nestled under my shirt. She was always there, by my side, even before this lifestyle became a definite career path.
For Varsha, animals are God’s perfect creations. Growing up in the countryside, she had an array of unusual pets. Her first one was an adorable little rabbit called Chandan. She even had a feisty cockerel/rooster called Chipu who would attack anyone while throwing a tantrum, but would sweetly perch on her brother’s books while he read.
Currently an EPM consultant with Infosys, Varsha is far away from all the action, but would be happy to help in every way she can. Glad to have you on board, buddy!

Corina Gardner


Corina Gardner - Advisor, Rehabber's Den

Corina is a devoted aviculturist who specializes in the hand rearing of many bird species such as budgerigars, cockatiels, parrots, parakeets, mynahs, and quail. A true conservationist, she spends much of her time studying and looking after birds – an activity that she finds tremendously rewarding.
Corina is also a dear friend whom I have known for many years, and I can say with complete conviction that she has a heart of pure gold! She has provided unconditional guidance several times, and continues to do so even today.
She has been helping us at Rehabber’s Den ever since it was a mere idea. Thank you, Corina, for your constant encouragement, support and invaluable contributions.
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