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Welcome to Rehabber's Den

Rehabber’s Den is the brainchild of Devna Arora, a trained Wildlife Biologist and Rehabilitator.

Rehabber’s Den is driven by the belief that every helping hand has the power to make a difference. This website will guide you to provide relief in an ethical and responsible manner through the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wild animals in distress.

Here, you have access to a collection of rescue and rehabilitation protocols written by trained and experienced professionals – Wildlife Biologists, Rehabilitators, Veterinarians and Aviculturists.

The content is aimed at providing optimal care, enriching a captive animal’s life and maximizing its chances of survival after release. The protocols are comprehensive and include pictorial representations, enhancing even an amateur’s ability to care for an animal.

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detailed hand-raising and rehabilitation protocols

Word of Caution

We encourage all potential rehabilitators to be in touch with an experienced rehabilitator at all times. If a problem is about to surface, a trained eye will be able to recognize it in its infancy, thereby ensuring timely help to the animal concerned.