Some wild fruits for barbets, Megalaimidae sp.

Ravi Jambhekar

In addition to cultivated fruits that can be readily purchased in the market, animals under rehabilitation must always be offered wild gathered fruits in order to familiarize them with wild fruits that will be available to them after release.

Below is a list of fruits, with photographical documentation for ease of identification, that can and have been successfully offered to barbets (Megalaimidae sp.) both during the hand-feeding and rehabilitation process.

Ficus fruits

Although barbets readily consume a wide variety of fruits, their primary diet in the wild consists of various fruits of the genera Ficus.

Ficus fruits

Ficus beddomei

A Strangler Fig

Ficus beddomei

Ficus beddomei fruits and leaves

Ficus benghalensis

Indian Banyan or ‘Bargad ka ped’

Ficus benghalensis fruits and leaves

Ficus benghalensis leaves

Ficus exasperata

Brahma’s Banyan or Forest Sandpaper Fig

Ficus exasperata fruit

Ficus exasperata fruits and leaves

Ficus glomerata (syn. Ficus racemosa)

Cluster Fig or Goolar Fig

Ficus glomerata fruits

Ficus glomerata fruits

Ficus glomerata fruits and leaves

Ficus religiosa

Sacred Fig or Pipal Tree

Ficus religiosa fruit

Ficus religiosa leaves

Ficus talbotii

Ficus talbotii fruits

Ficus talbotii fruits and leaves

Ficus talbotii leaves

Persea macrantha

‘Kula mavu’, Commonly known as Indian butter fruit

Persea macrantha fruit

Persea macrantha leaves

Syzygium cumini

Black plum or ‘jamun’

Syzygium cumini fruits fruit

Syzygium cumini fruits and leaves

Zizyphus rugosa

Zunna berry (Chunna)
Buckthorn family (which includes Indian ber, jujube, etc.)

Ficus religiosa fruit

Ficus religiosa leaves

Document edited by Devna Arora
Published in 2013